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rali do fado Larochette
rali do fado Larochette
rali do fado Larochette_guitar

In the cafes of 

13 APRIL 2024

© Photos Copyright Frank Henkes

Lovers of the Universe a.s.b.l.  invites you to an immersive Fado experience in the heart of the picturesque village of Larochette,—where the spirit of Portugal dances through the streets, and the soulful strains of Fado resonate with the rhythm of our hearts.

Larochette, with its vibrant Portuguese community, will come alive with the heartfelt strumming of guitars and the passionate voices of Fado singers. We're hosting a series of intimate Fado concerts in the cozy cafés and in the main square of the village. Throughout the day, you'll have the opportunity to wander from one performance to another, each with its own unique flavor and all within walking distance.

Expect to be moved by the powerful performances of eight different Fado bands. The journey commences at 14:00 and draws to a dramatic close at 22:00 with the profound acoustic serenade by MIRAMAR.

As the spaces in the cafés are free and can fill up quickly, we recommend arriving early to secure your spot. Join us for a memorable day of music, emotion, and cultural delight. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this exquisite musical journey and discover in addition a unique photo exhibition that offers a window into the lives of Portuguese immigrants.

We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating togetherness at the Rali do Fado e cancoes.

Free entries to all concerts.

Easy Park and ride - free permanent special shuttle service between Parking Birkelt and Larochette Center. See the bus map here.





Christina Godinho Trio
14:00 – Cafe du chateau

In Luxembourg, the music genre steeped in nostalgia and saudade known as fado needs no introduction. To start the very first edition of our “Rali do Fado e cancoes” on a high note, we invite you to a warm, intimate night with Cristina Godinho and her soft voice from Lisbon. Joined by Portuguese guitarist João Godinho and viola de Fado player Paulo Levi, this singer known beyond the borders of the Grand Duchy will perform traditional fados with equal simplicity and passion.The very first concert of the very edition starts in the charming little pub in the center of rue de Mersch called the Café du chateau.

15:00 cafe de l´europE
19:00 cafe de la place

It was during a trip to Portugal that Maria noted an aesthetic and spiritual similarity between fado and the emblematic genre of Ecuador: the pasillo. Indeed, both styles are performed in an acoustic format that includes vocals, a rhythm guitar, and a lead guitar engaging in a dialogue with the singer (the Portuguese guitar in fado and the requinto for the pasillo) and are imbued with drama and nostalgia, their poetry narrating the loves and daily life of their people.


Magaly Teixeira
16:00 Cafe de la place

She is one of the most promising actresses of Portuguese descent. She works in theater, film, and television and was nominated for the best actress award at Luxembourg's 'Oscars.' She is from the third generation of a family of Portuguese emigrants in the Grand Duchy. In fado, she found a way to sing her love for Portugal, the home she dreams of returning to one day. It was through fado that she found a way to express her unique way of life. 'First through the text, because for me it is poetry set to music. It was the deepest way I found to express saudade. It's a bit cliché, but it goes further than that,' she confesses."

17:00 Cafe de l´Europe

Rui Jorge Simões is a singer hailing from Lisbon. His dedication to singing became serious at the age of 17, when he began to delve into the world of fado earnestly. His talent has earned him numerous awards in various contests, including a notable victory at the "Grande Soirée de Fado" in Porto in 1999. His artistry has taken him well beyond the borders of his native Portugal, with tours in France, Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Within his country, he has also shone on the small screen, making appearances on two or three television shows. Rui has traveled across Portugal from north to south, his voice enlivening a variety of performances from parish councils to municipal councils, and festivities celebrated in towns and villages. His journey is rich with anecdotes and experiences, reflecting the depth of his commitment to the world of fado.


00 Op der Bleech

Paula Oliveira is a singer based in Luxembourg who has been dedicated to fado for decades. Although fado is primarily a passion for her, she has always been able to balance it with her profession and is one of the few professional-level fado singers in Luxembourg, due to her excellent voice for fado and her broad and varied repertoire. She has performed fado concerts in Luxembourg and other countries, in venues ranging from auditoriums to restaurants offering dinner concerts, as well as other performance halls, always accompanied by professional guitarists.

João Marques
20:00 Cafe de l´Europe

Born in Lages de Silgueiros, in the district of Viseu, and raised and educated in Coimbra, João Marques ventured to Germany at the age of 24, where he currently resides. His journey with music, especially Fado, began at the tender age of 13, marking the start of his path as a Fado singer. João has since brought the enchantment of Fado to various countries, including Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany, where for 44 years, he has been sharing Portuguese culture. This year, he celebrates an impressive 55 years of career, hand in hand with Fado. Join us in honoring his remarkable journey and the soulful sounds of Fado.


:00 Op der Bleech

Joana de Deus, a Lisbon-born fado singer, has captivated audiences across Portugal and Europe with her emotive performances and unique voice. At just 29, she has already distinguished herself in the fado community, not only for her soulful renditions but also for her ability to convey the deep emotions of fado music. Joana's journey began 11 years ago and has led her from intimate nights in Lisbon's historic fado houses to prestigious stages across Bulgaria, Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her study of the Portuguese guitar with renowned masters, deepening her understanding and expression of fado's rich traditions. Joana has been a fixture in Lisbon's vibrant music scene, performing regularly in the city's most celebrated venues and participating in significant cultural events like the Amália Rodrigues Centenary Gala.

Frankie ChaveZ e peixe

22:00 PLACE bleech

Even though they hail from different latitudes, and they have trodden different paths, Frankie Chavez and Peixe are united in their work with the guitar. Together and using the instrument that has become the natural extension of themselves, Frankie Chavez and Peixe take us all to places where no-one has been before. Their music is rich, without ever becoming excessive. It’s coherent, without ever becoming repetitive. This is a road you drive calmly through, contemplating. A road that sometimes winds up all the way to the peak of the tallest mountain, and that at other times stretches on straight, in the lazy desert heat, carrying the sound of those strings vibrating inside different frames, electric or acoustic, the two playing as one.

Live, they perform over a background of images that are manipulated in real-time; a “concert-film” that stands out by the mutual inspiration the dual universes of music and image play on each other and that audiences readily take in.


14:00 - 22
:00 ARound larochette

Discover Luxembourg's best photographers, exposing their captivating art about Portuguese Immigration in Luxembourg and more.



Paulo Lobo: born in Portugal, in Baixa da Banheira, in 1964. At the age of six, his parents emigrated to Luxembourg. He developed a passion for photography at a very young age. He became familiar with the art of the image first as an autodidact, then within a photo club and through numerous workshops. 

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From her youth, artist Jessica Theis knew her passion was photography.

After her photography studies, she specialized in fields such as architecture, portraiture and reporting, where social subjects, among others, are particularly close to her heart.

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Sven discovered his passion for capturing moments around the year of 2007. It was at a time when Luxembourg was undergoing significant societal and cultural transformation.

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BRUNO oliveira

Born in Sanfins (PT) in 1993, Bruno Oliveira grew up in Luxembourg, where he is currently based. Bruno Oliveira's origins, travels and cultural background are the foundation of his artistic work.

Through photography and inspired by documentary, Bruno seeks to visualize real life stories in a poetic way. His work often focuses on stories about specific communities, migration and travels. The young visual artist attempts to capture places and people which he finds intriguing in order to keep a memory of them.

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